Pyramid Of Lies is a 2D , Choice-based Platformer game created in 7 days for the Community Game Jam 2019. 

Game Description :

Brittany is an excavator who loves exploring ancient ruins, especially the pyramids!

She is currently lost in the ruins of a particularly tricky one. There is certainly a way out! But only with the right choices made.

Follow her in this game of choices as she ventures into the dark and deceptive ruins in exploration for exciting discoveries and finding a way out.

Note :

Each choice leading to a different ending!

Every Ending has an animated "Cut-Scene Like" scene!


Update Notes :


Animation adjustments


Dialog Skip Feature added

Jittery screen movement fixed


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Skip Dialog has been added

I died many times and to be honest that dialogues need a skip button. I really like the anime art style and the game really fits the theme.
I'm wondering what will bring the update.


A way to skip the dialogs would be nice, for retries :)


Is there even a way to complete the game without dying?


I was wondering the same thing...